A Day at Camp!

What's a day at camp look like?

Each morning, we start out the day at our community flagpole, divide up into our units and that's when the fun begins:

Arts & Crafts           Sports & Games

Swimming                                      Music & Dance

Social Action Projects                 Etgar (Challenge Activities)

Awesome Field Trips                   Shabbat Celebration

A day in the life of our campers will revolve around the six core values of the Jewish Community Camp:  


Social action, tzedakah, paying it forward, and community projects are our hallmark!


Honesty and the principles of positive living will guide us in our daily camp activities.


Seeking to understand others; sympathy and kindness will drive us with a desire to help people other than ourselves.


Duty to self and others, accountability, respect for others and the world.  We have the power to change the world, but as Spidey says, "With great power comes great responsibility."


Bravery, trying new things, going beyond, and doing the right thing even when it's hard are all aspects to this value which will be on display throughout our camp season.


Grit and 'stick-to-it-iveness', determination and persistence will help our campers to be the best in our community that they can be.